Slow Living for the Busy and Burnt Out

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Learn to end the stress cycle and shift into feeling calm and content. 

Slow living is about simplifying your life and focusing on being present over perfect. Time is the most valuable resource in life. 

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I'm Niki.

hi, i'm niki

Slow and simple living mama. 


I'm a certified life coach with my degree in psychology. I've been helping people recover from and prevent burn out for years. Because now the average American experiences burn out by the age of 32. 


After my own experience with burn out and spending years studying the recovery process I now help others end the stress cycle and live slow and simple lives. 


Slow Living resources for the busy and burnt out.

Slow Living Playbook

Learn to slow down and simplify


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Slow Living Playbook

For the busy and burnt out.



Live life simplified. Start your slow living journey with the Slow Living Playbook for the busy and burnt out. 


You are in the right place if...

You're feeling burnt out

You can't seem to catch a break

You want to build a life that feels good

You value your time more than any other resource 


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