Live Life Simplified


I believe everyone should be able to life a calm, content and beautiful life.

because you deserve it.


Niki Puls

I've always been described as someone with "a lot of irons in the fire". 


Turns out that's exactly the formula for burn out. When I was younger I prided myself on how much I could accomplish. 

This was before I knew burnout takes years to recover from. Before I started studying burn out and practicing slow living I was busy and burnt out myself with no break in sight. And I had a baby on the way!


After I became a mom all my priorities changed. I no longer wanted to "hustle" my way through life feeling exhausted everyday. And I didn't want to spend my daughters first years burnt out.


I wanted time to slow down so that I could enjoy more time with my baby. 

I ditched hustle culture, simplified everything in my life and started to practice a more slow and mindful way of life. 


Today I help others build their slow, simple and beautiful lives. I help you end the seemingly never-ending stress cycle in your life and finally feel at peace. 


"Niki is the real deal. Her systems and strategies work."

- Lu Lu