Slow living for fast people....

Updated: Feb 3

What Is Slow Living

Slow living is a term used to describe how you live your life. Slow living can be described as savoring the minutes and time we have been given. Slow living is a conscious, intentional, mindful way of living deeply and feeling peace and joy.

Slow living means structuring your life around meaning and fulfillment. Similar to simple living or minimalism. Simple living focuses on stuff - Slow living focuses on time. It's all an emphasis on less-is-more approach, focusing on the quality of your life. Slow living focuses on living a peaceful and balanced life. This shift creates a more holistic sense of well-being.

To simplify it Slow Living is being more mindful with how you spend your time and energy

The goal is to climb into bed at night feeling calm, confident and at peace

What Slow Living is NOT

To learn more about slow living it may be helpful to know what it is NOT.

Slow living does not mean you do everything slow

Slow living does not mean you have to stop doing everything you're doing

Slow living does not mean you can not have modern conveniences.

I personally work full time, run a business and I'm a mom. I have a lot going on. But I can still be mindful with how I spend my time and energy so that I can enjoy more time with my family.

Why Slow Living

We live in a fast paced world focusing on over glamorizing hustle culture. Hustle culture is obsessed with rushing through life. And when you do something fast you're typically doing it superficially. You're not fully enjoying the experience.

Think of eating a meal. Snarfing down a fast food sandwich in your car on your way to the next thing is way less enjoyable than sitting down to a meal with time to enjoy it and actually taste your food! Slow living is like that! Trading superficial experiences for ones that actually fill our soul.

You can still have modern convinces (I personally would not live without them) but take the time to be mindful of what you're doing and ENJOY it. A huge part of slow living is gratitude. Focus on being grateful in the moment for what you have. Before I take my first sip of my Starbucks latte I take a deep breathe and tell myself how grateful I am for the little things.

Slow Living Journey

I started parciticng slow living when I felt like the time with my daughter was moving too fast. She was growing up so quick and I honesty felt like I was missing it. Even though I was RIGHT there with her. I wasn't fully present though. I would constantly be on my phone, or listening to a podcast or trying to read a book while she was playing. I was missing it.

I wanted to enjoy my days, weeks, and life. I didn't want to be constantly striving for the next goal. I wanted to be content with where I'm at right now. So I started making the moments count and doing something intentional with the time I have been given.

Slow living is just practaing being in the moment. Not worrying about the future or stressing about the past. Not trying to be 10 steps ahead either. When I decided to stop rushing though life I noticed my anxiety start to go away. And I felt peace for the first time in a long time.

I can't wait to share more about slow living with you and see us grow together

Talk Soon,

xoxo Niki

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