First Steps To Slow Living

Updated: Mar 4

So you think slow living sounds nice. Or you're still not sure yet...

This is the blog post where I give you tangible steps to start slow ling RIGHT NOW.

If you haven't yet head to my blog post explaining What is Slow Living.

First, you should know anyone can practice Slow Living. No matter how "busy" your life is. And remember busy is a state of mind. Everyone thinks they are busy. Nowadays people wear busy like a badge of honor. People love to brag"I'm sooooo busy, I have so much to do" They wear it like a badge of honor. Let's stop the over glamorization of busy.

I stopped claiming to be busy when I became a hustle culture dropout. For years I ran myself into the ground building my business and would do anything and work however long it took to grow my business.

Today I work full time, run a business and I'm a mom to a toddler. My life is not slow by any means. So many people tell me "I can't do slow loving I have too much going on!" We all have a lot going on!

Slow living is a mindset shift. Slow living does NOT mean you do everything slow you stop everything. It's a mindset practice of going through your day and life with intention so that you can build the life of your dreams. (The actual life of your dream, not the version you think you should want)

First Steps

Here are the first few steps you can take to start practicing Slow Living yourself! with most things, I teach my clients to take what works for you and leave what doesn't.

Step One: Decide

Decide what you actually want in life. Not the picture you have been sold by the world. Decide how you actually want to spend your life. Decide what you want to spend your time and energy on.

Step Two: Declutter

Declutter everything in your life that does not align with your new vision of what you want to spend your time and energy on. This does not mean just decluttering your house. This means decluttering your life!

Areas to "declutter" or simplify:

Your friends - Who do you no longer align with? It's ok to outgrow friendships. You no longer need to carry them with you and keep setting up coffee dates because you feel like you should. Holding on to friendships that no longer serve you is a quick way to drain all your time and energy.

Your calendar - What are you scheduling that you don't want to? Do you want to go to those social gatherings? Do you really want to sign up for another social commitment? I challenge you to put everything you do in your calendar for a month. At the end of the month look back and note which events excite you and which events drain you. Remove events/ obligations/ social gathers that no longer serve you.

Your social media - Unfollow anyone who does not encourage you or make you feel great. Fill your home feed with people whom you find encouraging or you can learn from. You no longer need to follow anyone that makes you feel like crap!

Your home - This is a big one. Set aside a weekend to purge your home. The less stuff you have in your home the less time you will need to spend cleaning, sorting, or picking up. Fewer toys mean less time putting them away. Less clutter means less time sorting through stuff to find what you need. PURGE your home of extra clutter or stuff that is not serving you.

Your priorities - What do you want to focus on. For years I prioritized my business. After I had my daughter I realized I had been focusing on the wrong priority. Now my top priorities include my family and my health. Reorganize your priorities and get rid of any priorities that are not aligned with you anymore! Fewer priorities mean fewer things to do! Only agree to things or events that align with your top priorities!

Your focus - What are you focusing on during the day? What is the first thing you think about when you wake up or the last thing you think about before you go to sleep? Do you reach for your phone and check social media? Do you fall asleep on your phone? What do you spend the majority of your day thinking about? "Where your focus goes energy flows"- Focus on what you want to spend your energy on. Aim to spend the majority of your day focusing on priorities that matter to you.

Step Three: Detailed Schedule

Create a very detailed schedule and systems for your life.

This one may feel counter-intuitive. But systems build success. Don't leave your days and life up to chance. Without structure, we can find ourselves aimlessly going through our days.

Lame vague days lead to a lame vague life. Without a schedule or system, we spend so much time GUESSING and STRESSING. "What should I do now? What should I do next? What should I do this weekend? What do I have to do today?" Our brains are constantly filled with chaos because we are trying to figure everything out as we go. And that's exhausting. You are spending valuable time every day trying to figure out what to do with your day!

Each week set aside time to plan out your week ahead. Put in your calendar which household chores you will do each day, your family meals, your workout, and anything else you fill your week with. Schedule your errands, chores, meditation because the less time you spend deciding the more time you will have to enjoy the activities and day.

These are the first primitive steps to take to start your slow living journey!

This process does not have to happen in a day. The first step took me MONTHS to decide.

I did put a more in-depth and complete process in my Slow Living Playbook for the busy and burnt-out. This is my 45 page playbook with checklists and instructions on how to get started if you're ready.

Be gentle on yourself and start taking small steps today toward slow living!

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