Slow living for the Busy and Burnt Out


Burn out takes 3- 5 years to recover from. Prevention is the best practice. If you're ready for prevention or recover this playbook will help  guide you to a more aligned life. 


Learn how to get started with your slow living life. This playbook is nearly 50 pages of slow living instructions and recommendations for a low stress life.


The playbook covers the three most important areas of your life 

Your Time 

Your Mind

Your Home


Each section will go over the three step process to declutter and de-stress your life. 


Go from busy and burnt out to living a life full of peace and joy. Slow living is for anyone and everyone who wants less stress and anxiety in their life. 


Get your playbook to start burn out prevention or recovery


This is a digital product! There will not be any physical product shipped. You will download the playbook on your computer. Due to the digital nature, there will be no refunds or returns. 

Slow Living Playbook